A Prayer for the Divorced —  Christmas

Dear Lord,

Today, I pray for those who are alone. I pray for those who are desperate. I pray for those who have lost so much. I pray for everyone hurting and needing relief. I pray for those who cannot be with their children. I pray for those who want to restore that which is now gone. I pray for those that need hope. I pray for those that don’t understand what happened. I pray for those that just want the pain to end.

Only You, God, have the answers. Only You, Lord, can bring  true peace and understanding. Only You, Jesus, can save and redeem that which is lost.

Father God, may you pour out  your love on everyone reading this right now. May you reach them wherever they are and reveal your true self to them. Fill them with your peace. Bring them Your wisdom and help them to know You in spirit and in truth. Grant them complete healing and wholeness today.

For those that do not know the saving grace of Jesus, may you lead them to You. May they make you, Jesus, their personal Lord and Savior. Pour out Your saving grace and mercy on all those who want to truly know You, Lord.

Thank you, God, for giving your son, Jesus, to us. Today, may we celebrate His birth as you reveal Your love to us all in a greater way today.

In Jesus’ mighty name,